Don’t Ignore These 7 Siding Issues

The siding on your house is meant to protect your home from the elements—sun, cold, wind, and rain, right? Well, that doesn’t come without some wear and tear. Your siding needs to be properly maintained in order to keep doing the job you need it to do.

siding problems

It can last for years if it is maintained; however, making repairs here and there or even repainting it isn’t enough—it might be time to replace it! What’s the benefit in making the investment to do so? Your home will have more curb appeal, a well-maintained home has a higher resale value, new siding is more energy efficient, and you are less likely to do a lot of repairing and repainting.

If you do decide to replace your siding, be sure to thoroughly check the condition of the existing siding. Here are 7 things that you need to look for:

Excessive Amounts of Rot

rotten and crumbling siding can’t protect your home. Although you may be able to repair that one spot that you see, you will have no choice but to replace it if the rot has spread. The solution to this is to purchase rot-resistant siding!

Cracks, Holes, and Gaps

these three things not only affect the outward appearance of your home, but also damages the structural integrity of your home.

Things like water, small animals, and insects creep into your home’s exterior walls and cause even more damage. Think about what a termite problem does!

Inability to Keep it Up

consider using a low maintenance vinyl siding if you find that you don’t have the time or energy to properly maintain the siding on your home.

Vinyl siding can easily be cleaned with a water house and enhances your curb appeal because it is available in many different colors and textures.

Increasing bills

if you don’t see any outside issues, start looking for drafty areas in your home, particularly around windows, light switches, and electrical outlets. You may need additional insulation as well as new siding.

Unseen Hazards

bulging or warped siding is dangerous and a signal of more crucial issues. Get a professional evaluation of your siding and what may lie beneath it.

Mold and Moist Spots

if you see it on the inside, look on the outside as well. This is a sign that siding, insulation, and damaged wood in your interior and exterior walls need to be replaced.

How to Add Resale Value

if you are planning to sell your home, replace the siding! Vinyl siding yields the best rate of return, though it can be expensive. Homeowners usually recoup half of their investment, so it’s worth doing.

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