Insulated Windows—Yes or No?

Insulated windows have their advantages. Aside from being double and triple paned unlike their competitors, insulated windows give your home.

More Versatility

they include low-emittance coatings that provide excellent insulation against the bitter cold and extreme heat. These coatings can be added to any window type, but work well with wood, vinyl and fiberglass windows.

Lower Energy Bills

they prevent heat and cool air loss as the seasons change and have a surface temperature of 56 degrees as opposed to the 30-degree surface temperature of an uninsulated window.

Less Outside Noise

double or triple paned windows drastically reduce the sounds and noise happening outside the house because the air between the panes filters the amount of noise that comes through, especially if you add insulators like argon or krypton gas.

So, what are the disadvantages? Well, there’s really only one—COST! Insulated windows are double the cost of any other type of window and have a higher installation cost as well. The costs may be higher, but they will pay for themselves over time.

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