Steel Front Doors or Wood Front Doors? That Is the Question!

When choosing the material for front doors, you’ll want to choose one that is able to not only withstand the elements, but also be strong enough to keep intruders from entering your home.

steel vs wood front doors

Be sure to choose one that attractively complements your home’s exterior because curb appeal matters! Steel and wood doors are the doors of choice due to their stability; however, there are pros and cons to each one.

Cost and Durability

While steel doors are the more expensive choice, there are wood doors that are comparable in price. Unfortunately, these wood doors are often a lower quality product that doesn’t last as long as their high-end counterparts with better construction.

Steel doors are also more energy efficient because they have higher insulation values, meaning that they keep more conditioned air in your home. Aside from this, there are other factors that affect the efficiency of any door.

Whether you have a steel or wood door, make sure that it has a frame with a tight fit and cores that enhance energy.

Upkeep and Maintenance

You won’t have to do any finishing on a steel door because it is typically done at the factory with either a polyester or vinyl coating, but you will have to repaint it periodically to keep it from rusting.

In contrast, wood doors need refinishing every 1-2 years and must be completely coated to protect the wood from hot and cold weather. Despite the high maintenance needed, wood doors are easier to repair than steel doors, which have to be sanded, filled, and repainted.

Also, unrepaired scratches on steel doors cause even more damage, whereas wood doors can take a simple and quick sanding and refinishing as a way to conceal the damage.

Curb Appeal and Appearance

Wood doors are known to be both beautiful and versatile because wood is a warm material that naturally creates that welcoming feel the entrance to your home needs. It can also be painted in any color you desire, has a vast array of design and style options, has a wide range of wood types, and can be customized with various carvings and embellishments.

Steel doors often give off a cold and unwelcoming feel for most homeowners, but they are available in a wood grain pattern that mimics a wooden door and can be painted in various colors as well.

Security and Durability

Steel doors are more durable and stable than wood doors because they don’t warp or crack when exposed to the elements. Most cores of steel doors are made from wood; however, there are steel doors that have a steel core. Steel doors are also more likely to keep intruders out because it doesn’t crack with force.

Another security measure to consider is using a strike plate with at least 3-inch long mounting screws, which increases the door’s security.

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